• Arthur Sempebwa

Lessons from the Lion King


Simba, the future king of Pride Rock, is at the lowest point of his little life. The naive and arrogant brat of the pack watched helplessly as his father, the great king Mufasa—fell to his death, trying to save him.

Betrayed by his scheming uncle Scar and hunted by hungry hyenas—Simba now finds himself, alone. Enter Timon and Pumba, our would-be heroes, charging on to the scene, here to save the day. They find Simba tired, defeated—as good as dead if the vultures had their way. But he's a lion! So they approach with caution.

They don't know who he is but they know what he is and Timon has the perfect plan for the kid.


The lessons in this scene apply to life today. They say show me your friends and I'll show you who you are. Timon and Pumba thought they were helping Simba by showing him the ropes but didn't realise those very ropes became the noose that was choking his destiny.

The song Hakunamata has always been fun and catchy. But laziness is catchy too, all you have to do is...nothing. Just keep saying you'll do it later. Be wary of catchy. Hakuna-ma—shut up, Pumba! These so-called friends knew what he was and if he embraced who he was then they would lose their new friend.

They then gave him a view of what their paradise looks like. Relax kid you’ve made it. Unfortunately living there also meant they had to file down his claws and change his diet. This is Deep! Hakuna-matata soon became the hypnotic trigger he sang into his adult life. His problem-free philosophy.

There is no freedom without responsibility

Ah, Nala. We all need a Nala in our lives. She's the formidable huntress who bursts onto the scene, hungry, fired up and ready to devour some ox-tail (or warthog, if you like). She's strong-willed, compassionate and committed to her cause. A good friend.

She's the type of person that will tell you to fix-up, look-sharp and get the job done mate! One of my favourite scenes, is when she confronts Simba and reminds him of his duty—his responsibilities. But he was too drunk on Hakuna-matata to hear her speak to the king in him. She leaves disappointed. She expected more. What happened?

Show who you are not just what you are

Who you are will be exposed when you're at your lowest. The real you! Life gets tough sometimes. It can make you believe that what you're facing is the end of you. That's when you need good people to remind you that you're NOT your current situation

God put eternity in your heart—so you're bigger than this. You're more than just single and a mother. More than just an entrepreneur grinding. More than just a producer trying to make it. More than just trying to find the right one. More than black fighting to matter.

I realised this year, I'm more than filmmaker. I can teach and I can write too (this will get better with time). This is not just an inspirational blog to get you through the week—this is real life. This is a, hey I'm actually doing this with you as I write, type of blog.

You're more.

No more grub

My advice is to change your diet. That means to hang around people that speak life into you and CHALLENGE you in your craft and personal life. Revisit some accounts you follow on social media and ask yourself, is this helping me grow? Start following accounts that inspire, motivate and teach you something. Find and follow the Nalas.

When you think about it, it's called a feed for a reason! Change what you're feeding on.

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