Born in the pearl of Africa, Uganda; I grew up being mesmerized by films on tv (sometimes in black and white). The exploits of American ninjas and loose cannon cops with nicknames like Cobra kept me on the edge of my seat, slowly awakening my insatiable desire to tell stories.


As I grew up that desire birthed a passion for the arts in the form of dance, design, comedy and filmmaking to name a few. It's been a rollercoaster of euphoric highs like premiering a film in a Cinema to the grey winter lows of chasing up invoices. 


Fast-forwarding through my wonder years, I'm now what you would call a #VideoJedi. The goal is to use my powers to help people/teams/brands unleash their creativity and create amazing content.

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If I had to pick one: 

> Film - The Matrix (1st one)

> Music genre - Funk

> Food - Turkish